5 Important Reasons why you should train your Yorkie puppy

When I got my Yorkie for the first time, like many other people, I used to think that training a Yorkie puppy is just about teaching him obedience commands using heavy-handed punishment-based methods. I realized I was wrong.

An increasing number of dog owners started to recognize that through the dog training is not a regulated area by profession, there is always a great life-saving value in applying appropriate training techniques or hiring a professional Yorkie trainer that helps you determine if your Yorkie is in the right direction and getting the required guidance.

As Yorkies are now sharing our lives and homes in closer ways, it has become critically important to give them a good canine training. Investing a considerable time to train your Yorkie would not only make living with him easier but that also saves his life.

Here are the five most important reasons you should train your Yorkie puppy:

  1. To establish a positive relationship

One of the best ways to develop a positive and healthy relationship with your Yorkie is to know how he learns and uses the techniques of positive training to make training successful, easy and rewarding as possible. Positive training that motivates and rewards a puppy for a good behavior, also allows you to develop a relationship with your puppy based on respect and mutual interest instead of intimidation and fear. I personally observed that positive reinforcement methods made by puppy more self-controlled, tolerant and behave more predictably.

  1. To Teach life-time skills

Being a puppy, it’s too easier for Yorkie to learn life-time skills. Teaching your Yorkie the basic manners and providing enough physical exercise and mental enrichment prevent him from being a victim of stress and anxiety related behaviors like destructive chewing, aggressive display and inappropriate barking. Start with understanding how your puppy copes in different situations. Also, space is critically important for Yorkies as they are socially fearful or inexperienced and proper management of their environment for reducing pressure keeps everyone safe and happy.

  1. To establish Sociability

Increasing your puppy’s enjoyment of the social interaction would give him much confidence to handle pressure in certain situations. We usually have high expectations from our dogs, pushing them to meet and greet everyone happily, even if they are not comfortable sometimes. Hence, it is important to socialize your puppy by giving him enough exposure to all kinds of environments, people and animals. Making your Yorkie doing so at young age will lessen the possibility for him to experience discomfort and anxiety in adulthood.

  1. To reduce the chances of problem behaviors

Training your puppy develops a language of communication that promotes comfort and security. The more time you consume in your puppy’s training to let him live peacefully and successfully in our world, the less you would encounter the problem behaviors that usually arise due to lack of understanding. The touch cue or hand targeting, for instance, not only helps your puppy get used to your hands being extended towards him, a situation he is likely to see many times in his life, but is also great for a recall.

  1. To Develop Companionship & Loyalty

Use discipline as a constructive guidance instead of an intimidation technique. Discipline in terms of time outs, vocal interruptions, removal or just ignoring the behavior that is not desirable, is a more successful way than severely suppressing the negative behavior.

We recommend guiding your puppy to make the right choices and understand what makes him happy since it will foster the eternal bond between you and your Yorkie for a lifetime.


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